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Fort Negley Civil War Seminar

Fort Negley Civil War Seminar – The 153rd Anniversary of the Tennessee Campaign of 1864. Please join the Fort Negley Civil War Seminar as it examines aspects of the Tennessee Campaign of 1864, when Confederate General John Bell Hood brought the Army of Tennessee into their namesake state to try and capture Nashville and perhaps …

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The US Civil War, Globalization, and the City of Bombay

Economist Alex Tabarrok has a fascinating post at the Marginal Revolution about how the structure of Bombay is intimately tied to the American Civil War. Cotton prices skyrocketed–between 1860 and 1863-1864 prices rose by a factor of four on average and at times by a factor of 10. As cotton exports from the United States …

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Little Egypt Goes to War

January 19th’s meeting will feature Joshua Claybourn presenting on the 80th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment and its first commander, Colonel Thomas G. Allen. The regiment was composed of ten companies that drew primarily from eight southern Illinois counties. Over the course of the war the regiment traveled approximately 6,000 miles, and was in over 20 …

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Civil War helped shape modern America

April 9, 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender in the American Civil War, triggering a series of surrenders that signaled the end of the war. Click here to read a column by SICWRT chairman Joshua Claybourn commemorating this event.

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Andrew Brookman

Andrew Brookman, a former member of the Southern Indiana Civil War Roundtable, has passed away. He was an active member in our group for several years and attended meetings and events regularly. He enjoyed everything related to the Civil War. Click here to view his obituary. Andrew’s family is asking friends and family to consider …

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The Irish Volunteer

January 15th’s meeting will feature Mark LaPointe presenting a story told through the songs of Irish immigration to America and the immigrants’ proud service in the Union Army during the Civil War. This will be a fascinating and entertaining meeting you won’t want to miss. Click here for more details.

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